Talya Davies

Here are some websites
I have made or helped to
~ Colourful esoteric diagrams. Includes many interactive pages for people to upload text and documents about the diagrams. You will need to explore it by clicking! The interactive parts were made by me using ASP. Ricky Spontane is a pop group and I am the drummer.
Stephen Wood, the guitarist, did the design. He's a great designer!
The first page contains a lot of things (scroll down in the box to see them all).
The Word Hospice

Here is a site designed by Stephen, and worked on by myself and a fellow Hospitaler: The Word Hospice, which is "a gentle place for words to rest".
This is a Wordpress site with a custom-made css Stylesheet designed by Stephen and implemented by me.

Stephen A. Wood And here is Stephen's website, which was set up by someone else but which I completed using Juicebox for the galleries of his beautiful images.
Elena Brebner Full artist's website coming soon. Meanwhile please see this beautiful example of a fullscreen, zooming Gallery Lightbox courtesy of Chocolat. Gila Davies is an artist and my mother. She made this website but I helped.
These are her Artworks over 40 years! Ajahn Sudhiro is a Theravadan Buddhist monk who is the abbot of monasteries in Thailand and New Zealand and a vihara in Harston, Cambridge (Buddhametta UK). I made this website, designed originally by another supporter of his.
Buddhametta Project The Buddhametta Village mini-site. Designed by Zarine Katrak as a pdf and painstakingly converted into web pages by me!
Autumn The changing faces of Autumn; an experiment with style sheets and photo backgrounds..